Trout On The Grill, From Stream To Table

Trout On The Grill, From Stream To Table

A day out in the woods along a beautifully scenic trout stream is always a cure for so many daily troubles. The peacefulness of nature, interrupted only by the rushing of water over rocks or downed trees is an immediate mind flush of the day’s stresses.

Should you be one of the lucky ones to feel that primal tug on the end of your fishing line, signaling a catch, you can also count yourself  among the fortunate. Not for merely being more patient than that trout that has been circling, nudging, and pondering the existence of that lure or bait that you have hanging in the water, but you are the fortunate one because now you will taste the fruits of your fishing trip, the Grilled Trout.

Trout are very mild tasting fish, but also one that readily takes on flavors , so added seasonings are a must. In this particular instance, I made a trip out to the Ink & Embers complex, (also known as my backyard). to see what I could scrounge up.


On this day, my trout will be stuffed with fresh basil, rosemary, lemon thyme, garlic and lemon slices. Measurements are irrelevant in this instance. Just grab a handful of each, chop and mince, and mix to a paste with a bit of olive oil.


Rub the paste on the inner cavity of the trout, and then layer in the lemon slices.

Trout stuffed

Press the trout together, and if you care to, season the outside of the trout with fresh cracked black pepper and sea or kosher salt. I actually used a blended salt on these, an onion bacon sea salt.

Seasoned trout

We are now grilling over direct, high heat. A good way to get a very intense heat is by using lump hardwood. One of my favorites is  Rockwood Charcoal, a local product made right here in our home state of Missouri.

Rockwood Charcoal

Carefully lay the fish down on a well oiled, lubricated grill.

Trout on the Grill

At this critical point,  you can lubricate the griller as well, but this is totally your call. I answered in the affirmative on this option.

Bourbon & Water with Lemon

Give the trout about four minutes, and carefully flip the fish. This is best done with an oversized spatula, but make do with what you have. Just be gentle, because, after all, it’s a trout. A delicate fish that will look much better if it’s not served falling apart.

Flipped Trout

After about another four minutes, take the fish off the grill, and move them to a serving platter.

Trout Grilled and Resting

And that’s it. The skin of the fish will easily pull off and back, revealing the moist white flesh of the trout, the trout that has deliciously absorbed the flavors stuffed into the cavity before grilling.

Pair this with perhaps some grilled squash or romaine, and you have a wonderful, quick grilled dinner that you took from stream to table, and there’s nothing more sustainable than that…

Because Life Is Better Wood Fired