Tequila Lime Chicken Thighs

Tequila Lime Chicken Thighs

Every once in a while, I wake up with the sounds of a Mariachi Band playing in my head. How they keep getting in my bedroom, I just don’t know. But I do know what it means when I hear them. It’s time to gather all the necessary ingredients for a delicious Mexican grilled dish, in this case, Tequila Lime Chicken Thighs.

Gather together about 1/2 cup each good quality gold tequila and orange juice. You also need the juice of a two limes, a large jalapeno (or more, depending on your preference), a couple cloves of fresh garlic,  a tablespoon each kosher or sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper, and about 3 tablespoons of your favorite taco or fajita seasoning.

Tequila Lime Ingredients

I know what you’re thinking when you look at those ingredients, and I had that exact thought. If only I had a bit of Blue Curacao …..

Blue Margarita

Yeah, if I’m thinking and grilling Mexican, than I’m drinking it as well. Bring on the Blue Margaritas…

Gather up all the above mentioned ingredients, put them together in a non-metallic bowl, and chop, squeeze, mince and mix them. Beat them like a cheap piñata.  After thoroughly mixing the ingredients together, introduce the chicken thighs into the mixture. They’ll thank you for it later, in the form of flavor.


As with all liquid marinades/brines, the longer you leave the chicken immersed, the better the flavor profile. Work within your time frame. While these thighs are soaking in this mixture like the sunbathers on the Mexican Riviera, you need to get that grill set up for indirect grilling.

Take the thighs out of the brine solution, and sear directly over the coals for a few minutes, just to get a good char and a few grill marks.


Then move them over to the cooler, indirect side.


Close the lid, and let the chicken thighs bask in their own juices. The seared skin will help keep the meat juicy and tasty, and for an easy side dish, toss a few ears of fresh corn on the grill, over the coals, for about ten minutes or so, turning as needed.


The only prep needed for fresh corn on the cob is a little salt and pepper, or some of your favorite barbecue seasoning, or in this case, maybe just a little more of that taco seasoning to complete our Mexican theme.

When the chicken is reading at 160 degrees, pull it off, arrange it on platter, and scatter a handful of freshly chopped cilantro over the chicken.


It helps if you kick your heels up in fine matador fashion, yelling “Ole´”, but hey, that’s totally up to you. The flashy, skin-tight, glittery Matador pants are frowned upon however, in this house at least.


Plated up, this chicken has eye appeal as well as great taste. I think you’ll find that the taste in this chicken is a little more subtle than some of the more commercial variations that incorporate a manufactured, lime salt flavoring.  Subtle, yet more complete flavors in a chicken dish that will satisfy your Mexican cravings.

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