A Christmas Seafood Feast

Even on the biggest of holidays, the grill will beckon. And when the temperature breaks and the warmth of the sun provides temporary winter relief, well, that my friends, is nothing short of full-scale permission. Permission to light the coals and grill something tasty to add to the already mouth-watering holiday menu.

A trout that is barely two months caught, yet the largest of the catch for this fisherman’s trip, is the subject of  attention. Quick, easy, and stuffed with a combination of other freshwater delights, it is the perfect choice for complementing the seafood menu already in place.

Stuffed Trout

A quick trip to the grill was my next move, with coals already burning to the glowing high heat that was needed to finish this delicate fish. Just  a few minutes over the direct heat was all that was necessary. One careful flip, and the trout was ready for sharing.

Trout On Grill

This fish, which took longer to grill than to reel in on that beautiful stream on that particular day, was just a small part of a Christmas meal that was unique this year. Our seafood Christmas feast included this particular trout, a steaming, juicy bowl of mussels, a platter of open-faced cheesy crawfish bread, and a small succulent shrimp boil as well. Smoking Loon provided the wine choice, a satisfying Pinot Grigio. A holiday worthy feast shared with family.

Seafood Table

Merry Christmas!

Life Is Better Wood Fired



  1. Very nice….enjoy


    1. Thanks, it was very good, and a nice change from a traditional holiday menu.


  2. Yum! Cheesy crawfish bread recipe, please. 🙂


    1. OK, but you have to know that the crawfish bread is extremely addicting.


  3. john j tierney the 1st · · Reply

    I can speak from first hand feasting…..it was truly the best seafood meal I have ever had.!!!!!


    1. Coming from a “professional” eater like yourself, we appreciate that very much!


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