Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs

Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs

Nary a day goes by without thinking of some sort of smoky goodness from the old Weber. And with the evidence from our city’s’ self proclaimed snowmagedden all but a memory, it is a grand time to satisfy that smoky wish.


Grabbing the chimney and hearing that familiar rattle, I knew that shortly it would be puffing with starter smoke, filling the backyard with a familiar aroma.

Charcoal Chimney

This day is mild, and perfect for a leisurely smoke. I don’t want this to be over too quick, mind you. As many a passionate griller will tell you, if they choose to speak the truth, is that grilling, and tending the grill are indeed worthwhile activities, and as such, can be done for hours at a time. The guarding of the grill, the tinkering, and the overall “mulling around” all are important activities, especially when on a longer smoke.

I gathered together the Boneless Country Style Ribs, which oddly enough, aren’t ribs at all, but more of a  chop type of cut. But I’m ok with calling them ribs, because after all, some folks consider a small stick of breaded chicken a boneless chicken wing as well. Boneless Country Style Ribs they shall remain.

First things first, as they say, so these ribs get rubbed down with authority, using our house rub. There’s no need to be gentle or stingy with the rub. Be generous, and be thorough.

Rubbed Pork Ribs

When the Weber has stabilized its temperature, and is ready to accept the pork for a low and slow episode, the ribs are ceremoniously put on the grill, opposite the fire.

Ribs on the grill

The lid is closed, and the previously mentioned “mulling around” may commence. On this day, that takes a good two and a half to three hours, while the smoke and fire do their thing. The aroma continues as well, with applewood smoke and that nicely assembled barbecue rub mixing together to signal good things to come.

With a single flip along the way, and the addition of quality sauce and a finely crafted brew, these boneless beauties were looking just right.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Once plated, it is only natural to add in the creamy coleslaw and enjoy a leisure dinner.

Plated Pork

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