Always Comforting, Burgers and Dogs

Always Comforting, Burgers and Dogs

I love those days that have no specific plans attached to them. Rising when the time feels right, and enjoying that first cup of coffee without gulping it down tends to be very appealing. That cup of coffee warmed my hand while I strolled through the kitchen, already soaking in the sunlight busting its way through the windows. The dogs were already up, already anxious to hit the outdoors. I was anxious to join them.

Meandering around the yard, I noticed the new sprouts and growth that were beginning to react to this sunshine as well.


This, I thought, is one area that vegetable and plant life  is far superior to us humans. They hibernate through the winter months, and then sprout when the temperature and time is right. A new beginning, and a chance to start over, with great expectations for the upcoming season. Heck, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wish I was able to do that as well.


Of course on such a pretty day, my  thoughts turned to the grill, and how that would be a great addition to this relaxed, laid back day. But I’m not thinkin’ any special or time-consuming cooking today. No, this is a day to hang out, have a bite to eat, and just enjoy the start of Spring. Today then, is a quality platter of burgers and dogs, a Spring and Summer grilling staple. The burgers get dusted with a concoction that consists mainly of salt and pepper, a bit heavy on the pepper. The dogs, although perfectly okay just as they are, are similarly dusted, but with a seasoning salt mixture.

burgers and dogs

As you know, this type of grilling session is not for the inattentive. This is not a close the lid and let it smoke session, allowing the griller time to set a bit, and reflect on life itself. No, this session demands immediate and constant attention, with the meat grilling over direct flame.


The aroma is wondrous, what with meat being kissed by flame. It simply smells like Spring time. Once done, and flipped properly, this grill full of Spring time tradition is emptied, and brought inside the house, aroma and all. When you’re talking about comfort food and grilling, you can’t get any more comforting than a grill full of burgers and dogs. Heck, it almost makes a person smile just looking at the full platter.


Now I know that we’re not talking about championship style, professionally judged barbecue here. Today, we are all about comfort and ease. And really, who needs some fancy-schmancy trained barbecue judge to tell you  that your grillin’ is good or not, when there are other, more reliable, and more obvious ways to tell if your cookin’ is up to par on this day.


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