What's Old Is, Well....Still Old, But Improved. (Throwback Thursday) #tbt

What’s Old Is, Well….Still Old, But Improved. (Throwback Thursday) #tbt

It was one of those evenings. Just an easy-going, relaxing, just hanging out kinda night. The coals in the old trusty Weber were smoldering, getting ready for something yet to be determined.

Charcoal Chimney

It felt like a nibbling kinda night, you know? Maybe an appetizer or two. Just something quick and easy.

I remembered a gadget that had been sent to me. A goodwill gesture of sorts, by a fine gentleman representing the Toas-Tite company. It reminded one of the old days of scouting, if you were a part of that in the past. A simple gadget, that folds together and houses the makings of a pocket type of sandwich, able to be held over a fire or pit to be toasted or grilled.

toastite pie iron

And so it was decided. We hit the fridge and pantry, scrounging for ingredients to make a variety of mini sandwiches and pies. We found a good deal of fixins’, and got to work. With a generous coating of cooking spray, and a couple of slices of trimmed rye bread for the shell, the first choice was a pit toasted reuben, complete with swiss cheese, drained sauerkraut and corned beef stuffed into that rye shell.


Built and folded together in the Toas-Tite, the gadget was locked and put on the grill, directly over a bed of glowing coals. After about 5 minutes, the pie iron was flipped and left to grill on the other side.

on the grill

Easy enough. Open the iron, flip the sandwich out, and retool. The ideas were sparking like that fire in the pit. We continued on, toasting a pulled pork pocket with barbecue sauce. Let the caramelization begin!

Pulled Pork Sammie

We put together a breakfast sammie using biscuit dough, raw egg and pork sausage. Next was a combo of mozzarella, tomato and pizza sauce., and for a sweet treat, pastry dough was stuffed with apple pie filling, honey and cream cheese. A handful of apple pie!

Sampler Platter

Handheld munchies, directly off of the grill, all in sampler size portions. You know, for when you just can’t decide.

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