Turkey Stuffed Avocado Taco Boats

Turkey Stuffed Avocado Taco Boats

She sputtered, stuttered and spewed. And then, well, then she finally started.


It was to be the start of another mowing season. The grass was reaching up to the sky, and doing a darn fine job at that.

tall grass

Looking over at the trusty Weber, I noticed another successful startup, the thick, billowing smoke of the hardwood catching fire for our next meal.

Smoking Weber

Today that would be grilled avocados. Yes, avocados. To start with anyway.


They were ripe, and in need of preparation of some sort, and grilling was the choice. First, I removed the seeds, or pits. A simple task, so to speak. Much simpler than, say, parting out a chicken, if such comparisons are to be made.

Seeded Avocados

The halves were brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with a bit of black pepper, salt, and lime juice. Then those halves were put over the glowing coals, just long enough to get great grill marks on them. This’ll only take a few moments. Don’t dilly-dally here, or you’ll burn them good. No time to do pitmaster-ish favorites like propping your feet up, napping a bit, or even going to the fridge to find a cold beverage,

Avocados on the grill

These ripe avocados are the perfect complement to the shredded taco flavored turkey breast we had on hand. Just enough turkey, I thought, to stuff these avocados and make a sort of turkey stuffed avocado taco. It just sounded good, and had all the right flavor profiles for a day such as today. I recovered that pulled turkey, threw it into my favorite grill pan, and decided to give it a warm up of sorts, prepping it for the those grilled avocado boats. The cast iron provided a quick warming pan, placed on the grill, directly opposite the glowing coals.

Cast iron turkey

And then, well, before you know it, it’ showtime. The grilled avocados were the perfect vessel to hold a heaping scoop of taco turkey, fancied up a bit with shredded cheese, and then left alone for a few minutes, just so these fine ingredients can get to know each other a bit.

turkey avocados

Now we’re talking! Smells like Cinco De Mayo in our own backyard!


Nothing to do now except plate up and enjoy. The grilled avocado presents a rich, buttery flavor and texture. It would have been great as a stand alone dish, if that were the goal. In the interest of pleasing all involved however, after taking these off of the grill, you can add some homemade salsa, as we chose to do, and even perhaps some sour cream. Hey, “A little dab’ll do ya!”

Avocados and turkey

Perhaps now would be a great time to look into that Blue Margarita you’ve dreamed about all day as well.

Blue Margarita

However you want to approach these grilled beauties is your business. Pick them up by hand, or scoop ’em out with a spoon. That’s your choice, because as you know,

Plated Avocados Turkey Stuffing

Life Is better Wood Fired!