"The Noble Bird, For Tonight, We Eat Like Kings"

“The Noble Bird, For Tonight, We Eat Like Kings”

Once thy sun rises like a great phoenix in the eastern sky, thoughts partition themselves to that of an evening feast, fit for a king. And nothing says feast as that of a Noble Bird,  spread out on a platter for the devouring of all inclined.

But first, we must pillage the shelves for the finest bird, weighing in between three and four pounds. Naked as it sits in front of us, we shall brine this bird in a glorious mixture of your choosing. For this day, we shall be using the finest kosher salts, granulated garlic, sugar, and ground white pepper. The poultry fancied a long soak in this mixture, a good couple of hours.

brined chicken

The relaxed bird was then taken out to drain and dry, like a trusty steed after a long night of festivities and debauchery.

This chicken is thusly rubbed with a kingly combination of scintillating and flavorful herbs and spices, including rosemary, fennel, savory, thyme, basil, tarragon, dill weed, oregano, lavender, chervil and marjoram, gloriously known as Herbes de Provence, to both royalty and commoners alike.

rubbed bird

Indeed, this bird takes its place of honor on the grill, just out of reach of the side where we ceremoniously put flame to hardwood.

hardwood coals

Here, this future delicacy will absorb the aroma of the smoke along with the flavors of the aforementioned Herbes de Provence.

Whilst our bird gussies itself up for its place of honor at this days end, the attentive pitmaster must not tarry, instead making sure the temperature stays true. He must not let the bird get compromised, lest he be shamed by the villagers and held for a king’s ransom.

Because of this innate fear, a pitkeeper must also make sure his gullet stays moistened, as is somewhat traditional around a fire of these sorts. This moisture can help maintain focus and proper attitude for the necessary forthright decision-making.

Wine Glass

After what seems like a fortnight, and when the legs and wings of the bird rotate as freely as a well-balanced catapult, our Noble Bird can be moved off of the grill to a proper resting platter.

Noble Bird

By the looks of it, the smoke gods were favorable on this day, as the beautifully browned, crispy skinned, juicy bird was complemented by the subtle, yet all encompassing mix of our Herbes de Provence.

Plated Chicken

A Noble Bird, fit for  a king, yet able to be enjoyed by all commoners as well. So flavorful that it will have you slamming your foam topped stein of favorite brew down on the wooden feasting table, proclaiming…

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