Island Ribs: No Rush, No Worries, No Problem...

Island Ribs: No Rush, No Worries, No Problem…

A day of calm.

We are in no rush today. No sir-ree. A day free from the routine work grind, along with a great sunrise in the making.

Sun n Tree

I do have some work planned, mind you. But it is my work, on my time, for my benefit. No schlepping around just to make someone else a buck. Not today my friend, because today, it’s just a little me time. And how I see it, there’s not a self respecting guy out there that doesn’t enjoy the company of himself then and again.

That being said, that brilliant sun keeps drawing my attention, along with just a breath of  a breeze that bathes my face in a comfortable splash of warmth. I’m not pulling your leg when I say that pulling down the eyelids under these conditions will darn near lead a person to daydreams of island living, complete with sand, surf and tropical food.

No rush, no worries, no problem, mon…

And then, well, before you knew it, the ol’ smoker was puffing the applewood smoke like a mini volcano ready to make a name for itself.


Meanwhile, I was inside showing my rack of St Louis style ribs who was boss, removing the silverskin like a samurai all hyped up on some strong, island coffee.

Naked Ribs

Once cleaned, the ribs are rubbed down all proper-like and set aside to chill before the grill, so to speak.

Rubbed Ribs

After the smoker comes up to temp, about 225, the ribs are put in and left alone for about 3 hours, while I tend to those day-off duties.

Ribs on the grill

After about three hours, the ribs are just starting to pull away from the bone, so it’s time to throw them in some foil, add the liquid of your choice, wrap tightly and get them back on the smoker. Sticking with my island theme, and not planning this adventure until the last-minute, I rummaged around in our kitchen and threw together a mixture that featured frozen pineapple concentrate, orange juice, brown sugar, cider vinegar and a nice splash of coconut tequila. I put about a cup of the liquid in with the ribs and saved about the same amount, reducing it into a syrup consistency to use as a glaze for the ribs later. Don’t lollygag here. You’re going to already be getting hungry, and the aroma will tease you more than those Hula girls in your island daydreams.

Ribs in Foil

After another couple of hours, no longer, take those ribs out of the foil, and put them back on the smoker.


Add your additional rub or reduced glaze now, and keep brushing it on over the next hour. Now is when you’re creating that great bark that we’re all after.

Done Ribs

When you take these beauties off the grill, they’re already pretty awesome looking,  and when you pair them with an island brew, such as  Fire Rock Pale Ale from Kona Brewing, well, let’s just say,

Plated Ribs

Because Life Is Better Wood Fired.