Brat-toberfest. Apple And Onion Braised Bratwurst.

Brat-toberfest. Apple And Onion Braised Bratwurst.

The warm, humid air has recently been replaced by the refreshing, slightly edgy breezes that signal the coming of shorter days and predictable pumpkin sightings around town. There are other signals as well, including the summer grasses giving themselves up for the sake of insulating the local birds nests,


And the bees working harder and longer on their pollen and nectar infatuation.

Bee on Butterfly Bush

We pit minders recognize and celebrate this imminent change as well. And because we do, today we will be enjoying Apple and Onion Braised Bratwurst, celebrating our own version of Oktoberfest. Let’s get after it.

I used a kitchen mandolin, one of the few gadgets that I truly enjoy,  to get a good amount of thinly and evenly sliced sweet onions and granny smith apples.


We first must sacrifice a couple of  beers, with the hopes of a greater return in flavor. The sliced onions and apples are covered with the brew in an aluminum pan, and seasoned well with salt, pepper, garlic powder and anything else you feel like throwing in there.

Apples and Onions

Ceremoniously introduce some good quality brats, as many as you choose, to the apple onion beer bath, and let them soak and simmer in the pan on an indirect fire until they’re good and steamed.

Simmering Brats

In this case, it happened to be about an hour, which is a good amount of time to enjoy an appropriate Oktoberfest beverage or two.

Schlafly Beer

After the refreshment, drain the pan, keeping the apples and onions. I threw those into a cast iron pan for a touch of caramelization. Move the brats from the pan over the direct fire. You know you need and want that crisp snap when you bite into a brat during Oktoberfest. Dang right you do!

On the grill

I want those brats singing to me from the fire, sizzling away with all that juiciness from their apple onion beer bath.


The smells coming from the Weber become intoxicating, indicating that it’s time to build our Oktoberfest plate. I used those onions and apples as a relish, and made a mustard sauce out of grainy mustard, some of the liquid from the apple onion beer bath, a bit of mayo and a few pickled jalapenos.


With the addition of some buttery fried potatoes and fresh green beans, it’s like you’re sitting in a great old German courtyard, celebrating with food, music and friends.

“Tiki-Taki Tiki-Taki Tiki-Taki. Oi-Oi-Oi”  

“Tiki-Taki Tiki-Taki Tiki-Taki. Oi-Oi-Oi”

“Tiki-Taki Tiki-Taki Tiki-Taki. Oi-Oi-Oi”



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