Irish Lamb Stew With Guinness

Irish Lamb Stew With Guinness

The once cold breezes and morning fog are no longer a match for the new season’s sun. And once that sun gets a foothold, the air warms rapidly, signifying winter’s retreat. The time of year suggests change in our grilling habits as well. We are grilling with a purpose, and today is no different.

On this day, we pay tribute to the wearing-of-the-green. Today, we are thinking about a big cast iron pot of Irish Lamb Stew with Guinness, which I think is what those pesky leprechauns really mean when they’re looking for that pot o’ gold.

To do this right, we must first gather the goods, meaning cubed potatoes, peeled and cut carrots, pearl onions, and peas. There will also be fresh minced garlic, and of course, a goodly amount of fresh, cubed lamb. We also must not forget the bottle of  Guinness Extra Stout, for depth, color and all around goodness.

Fresh stew ingredients

A couple of tablespoons of oil were first heated in a dutch oven over hot coals, medium high heat, while the lamb chunks are coated in flour, and then tossed in.

flour coated lamb chunks

Brown the lamb cubes on all sides.

Browned Lamb Pieces

Set the browned lamb to the side for just a bit. Drop the little pearl onions in the pan and sauté, followed by the minced garlic.

Onions and Garlic

Sauté that great combo for a minute or so, and then add four cups, give or take, of quality beef broth. Now is the time to pour that bottle of Guinness in there as well. Use the whole bottle. I did, and was happy I did. Use this mixture to deglaze the bottom of the pot, stirring up all those browned bits of goodness in a foamy, beer bath.

Before Simmer

Add a small can of tomato paste, a couple good pinches of fresh thyme, a heaping tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and a tablespoon of brown sugar.

Onions, Garlic and BrothBring it all to a boil, add the browned lamb, then cover and move the pot away from the direct heat. Allow the mixture to simmer on the grill for about an hour, making that lamb oh so tender.

Dutch Oven

Add in the cubed potatoes and cut carrots, cover, and give it another twenty to twenty-five minute simmer.

Veggies in Stew

Time for the peas, please.

Peas added

Now that all the participants are here and accounted for, we can relax, put the cover back on, and give this pot o’ gold another fifteen to twenty minutes of cook time on the grill, giving us plenty of time to start shoving a heavy-duty napkin down the front of our shirt in anticipation of a big bowl of this stew.

Completed Stew

The aroma is outstanding, the color is amazing, and this pot of Irish Lamb Stew is ready for serving. My own personal pot o’ gold.

Plated Irish Stew

Combined with a cold pint, a warm roll, and a decadent piece of chocolate cake frosted with Baileys Irish Cream butter cream frosting, and this, my friend, makes for a “Happy St Patrick’s Day“.

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