Glazed Boneless Pork Rib End

Glazed Boneless Pork Rib End

I opened the refrigerator and stared aimlessly into the light. It may actually have turned into a Poltergeist-like situation had I not been distracted by the big hunk of pork staring back at me. A large, dense boneless rib end, just waiting to be pampered, rubbed, sauced and smoked. An that’s just what I planned on doing.

Boneless Rib End

Generously shaking a favorite rub, I coated the meat thoroughly, and gave it a good rub down. This heavy piece of pork accepted the rub well.

Rubbed Rib End

It was off to the grill, to gently lay it on the indirect side, away form the coals.

Rib End on The Grill

While monitoring the temperature, I couldn’t help but visualize a nice crusty, caramelized coating on this pork, so at about the 125 degree mark, I  opened the grill to sneak a peek and to brush some thick, sweet and spicy sauce over this meat to coat and glaze the object of my attention. Better get more napkins.

Glazed Rib End

With the lid back on, the smells of the sauce, the rub, and the applewood smoke swirled around the yard like an orchestra for the senses, each one melting into the next. The mouth-watering commenced, and all I could think about was the upcoming dinner with this thinly sliced pork, tender and juicy inside while the edges are encrusted in a spice rub and sticky glaze.  Once the pork reaches 140-145 degrees, it’s ok to take it off the grill, tent it with foil and let it finish cooking for a good ten minutes.

glazed rib end

Then it’s only a matter of keeping a steady hand while slicing this beauty as thin, or thick, as you like.

Sliced Rib End

And hey, maybe add in a baked potato and a salad, a small cup of your favorite sauce for dipping, and what you now have is one satisfying, flavor-liscious meal.

Rib End Plated

Because Life Is Better Wood Fired.