Happy Shrimp, Because You're Never Too Old To Play With Your Food

Happy Shrimp, Because You’re Never Too Old To Play With Your Food

I like to sit and think. Some call it lollygagging, some may call it meandering. But I find that an integral part of any grilling or smoking adventure must revolve around the simple art of sitting around, relaxing, and doing some thinking. It’s a sort of meditation, what with the wisps of smoke and the glow of the embers. It makes this pit jockey happy.

Smoking Weber

On this particular day, the thinking that was done revolved around grilling and food. I was looking to have some fun with food. Something that would bring a smile to your face, even before tasting it. So after a good session of thinking, and a bit of pondering,  I made Happy Shrimp.

Now you can’t have happy without a smile, so I started with Smiles, the tater tot shapes that are made into little smiley faces by McCain Foods USA, Inc.


I took a few out to thaw, and laid them on a plate. Easy enough.

Thawed Smiles

And because it’s called Happy Shrimp, I needed some shrimp. I peeled them, but left the tails on.

Peeled Shrimp

Now it’s a simple step to wrap those shrimp around the outer perimeter of the Smiles, and secure them the best you can with a short skewer.

shrimp and smiles

Right before they’re put on a hot grill, brush them with a combination of olive oil and your favorite rub or seasoning.

Chipotle Lime

This one happens to be Lime Chipotle seasoning.

Seasoned shrimp

Lay them over the hot coals and grill for only a couple of minutes. Stay with ’em. They’ll need your full attention.

On The Grill

Flip gently, and go for another minute or so.

Shrimp On The Grill

Pull them off the grill, and if you choose, you can brush more oil on them, or add a dipping sauce. But they’re also really good just like they are, right off the grill.

Shrimp grilling

Whatever makes you happy!

Happy Shrimp

Because Life Is Better Wood Fired