Surf And Turf, Salt Block Style

Surf And Turf, Salt Block Style

Sometimes indecisiveness is a good thing. And in fact, today it would be a really good thing. You see, I had a taste for a goodly portion of grilled beef, but yet, in the back of my mind, the part that is given credit, or blamed if you prefer, for the ideas that I get, there was a lingering desire for some good, juicy grilled shrimp. As if choreographed, those two thoughts danced around, hokey pokey style until they both put their whole selves in, producing an undeniable hankering for beef and seafood, surf and turf style. But not just grilled, mind you. There’s been a Himalayan salt block sitting around, for months if you want to know the truth, just waiting to be called into action. Today would be that day, and it wouldn’t disappoint. So let’s get after it.

Himalayan Salt Block

The beef choice was a manly sized piece of tri-tip.


Generously rubbed and left in the refrigerator for several hours.

Rubbed Tri-Tip

About a half hour before grilling, I took it out and let it come closer to room temperature, so as not to put this really cold piece of meat on a really hot salt block. Bad things will happen, so I’ve been told. The block was oiled before putting the beef on, to prevent sticking.

Seasoned beef

I heard what I was hoping to hear, the sizzle of the beef hitting the hot salt, signifying that the salt block is hot and up to a good grilling temperature, around four hundred degrees. I stood back and let the process play out, what with the salt block serving as a sort of griddle. I flipped the ti-tip after about eight or nine minutes, releasing that most pleasant backyard aroma, beef hitting the sizzling grill over a hardwood fire.

Tri-Tip halfway done

Lest they be forgotten, while this tri-tip was making music on the grill, making its way to the medium, or about one hundred sixty degree mark, my shrimp were enjoying a little oil bath.

Bowl of shrimp

They were about to make their appearance, while the beef rested. I did shake a little seasoning on these beauties right before tossing them on the salt block, but I really believe that the block and the hardwood charcoal itself would’ve been just fine for flavoring the shrimp. Keeping a close eye on these tasty treats, they were flipped after a couple of minutes. Looking’ good right there.

Salt block shrimp

My two dancing partners reunited, forming the perfect duo.

Steak and shrimp

Surf and turf, salt block style.

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