Sundae Ribs, When Sweet Meets Heat.

Sundae Ribs, When Sweet Meets Heat.

smoking stackThe meat-on-grill smells were free and plentiful this day. The mixture of apple and cherrywood provides an ever-changing smoke shape billowing from this backyard, wood eating beast like America’s first steam engine chugging down the rail to the next scheduled destination. That destination would do well to include ribs, my friend, and they will be a might fine should they be slathered with fruit nectar and a great peppered/spicy rub. Oh yeah, we will adhere to the old adage, sweet heat, and with a fruit glaze on top, they most certainly can be called Sundae Ribs. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So let’s go to the beginning, and get after it. First things first, we need those ribs, with that nasty ol’ silverskin removed.

Raw BabybacksAfter that sometimes frustrating task, it’s on to the rub down. The rub used had all the normal ingredients, namely brown sugar, salt, pepper, chili powder, onion, garlic, paprika, and whatever other flavors you want to add. I enjoy the heat, so cayenne was also a necessary ingredient. Coat those ribs with the rub. Coat them, push it in, rub it on. Make it stick.

Rubbed Babybacks

The ribs are ceremoniously laid on the smoker grates. An offering of sorts, to the smoke gods. And with a gaze into the billowing smoke, I whisper, “They’re in your care now. Be gentle”. But that’s not really true, is it. For now comes the basting and brushing part of our program. Using what was on hand in the house, I came up with a concoction resembling a sort of hangover cure, that consisted of a quality summer brew and a small can of apricot nectar. That’s it. And who knew, that concoction played very well with our Sundae Ribs!


Just mix the two together, and that’s it. I know, I’m sacrificing a beer for this, but it works well, and it’s always better to use a quality ingredient when making a mopping/basting sauce. So while my mind is on basting, it is about time to check our baby backs to see how they’re coming along.

Ribs In Smoker

Lookin’ good, with the bones just starting to make their way out of the ends, so they can be flipped, rotated, talked to, and whatever other tradition you may have that encourages a good smoke. I continued with the baste, and when the ribs are looking almost done…


It’s time to put the glaze on these beauties to make ’em shine. So for the sweet and spicy, fruity element, I used a locally made Blueberry Serrano glaze that is a syrup lovers delight, made by a chap that calls himself Mr B,

Blueberry Serrano Ribs

And the counterpart to this addictive blueberry glaze was a commercially made raspberry chipotle sauce, also a player in this sweet heat game.

Raspberry Chipotle Ribs

Both delicious, both sweet and spicy, both complementary to each other, and both set off by that beer and apricot spa session they’ve enjoyed. Sundae Ribs, for any day of the week,

Sweet Heat Ribs, Sundae Style

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