Grillin' On the Go.

Grillin’ On the Go.

High SkySometimes, well, you just have to get out. Call it spring fever, or more appropriately cabin fever.  No big plans, but just goin’ with the gut feeling and getting out. So off I was, headin’ down the road, just enjoying the scenery when it happened. That familiar aroma. Like the sweet siren’s song of Greek mythology, I was suddenly smitten, and could no longer think of anything but…yousmoking stack guessed it…barbeque.Yeah, I must’ve passed a barbeque joint, because that willowy smoke trail just grabbed me by the man parts and demanded my attention. And I’m listening, with mouth watering. A quick glance at the dashboard revealed what I already suspected. It’s lunchtime. Earlier, in anticipation of throwing a little something on the grill, a trip to a local grocery landed some quick goodies in my cart. Namely a couple kabobs and a small can of whole potatoes, which frankly speaking, are dynamite with a little salt and pepper on a skewer. So my plans had escalated, and I need to get somewhere to fire up some charcoal. I knew just the place.

Montauk April 2011 001

Many of our state parks and even some of the city parks are equipped with the pedestal grills near their cabins, pavilions and meeting places.These grills can be fun and easy toGrillCamp use. Self-contained, outdoors, with generally some beautiful and peaceful scenery around, it’s really a win-win situation now isn’t it? Getting the coals and grill extremely hot are the key to these little beauties, because of their thick, heavy gauge cooking grates. The food was laid on the grill and the scenery was laid out in front of me.The day was getting better. The aroma of grilling meat and veggies in the open air, away from the troubles of daily demands bring a sense of calm, and that’s just what a person needs now and again.  A day of sereneness, quiet and a little nature watching.


The day was pleasant, the meal, satisfying, and my mind was reset


When camping or just on a day outing, don’t underestimate the functionality and timely usefulness of these park and campground grills. They were put there for our use, so let’s use them and take care of them, but then also remember to clean up after yourself.

Grill Picture


For more information on these great self-contained grills, or to look into purchasing some for your space or event venue, just go to Residential grills and all sizes of fire rings are available as well.


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