Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix

Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix

It was one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away. Stuck like a peanut butter nugget on the roof of a puppy’s mouth. “What if?” I asked myself. I get different and sometimes unusual ideas on a regular basis, and somewhere between those ideas that I wouldn’t dare say out loud, and those that I consider borderline breakthroughs, something like Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix come to be. It is as it sounds, and made as you already suspect, but for the sake of a story, as we grillers like to do, I’m gonna tell you anyway. So let’s get after it.

A couple of thin-cut pork steaks were seasoned with a shake or two of seasoned pepper, sea salt, and Tiger Sauce, and then ceremoniously laid on a blazing hot grill.


Thin-Cut Pork steaks

Give ’em a couple minutes over the hot fire and flip them. Just enough to get ’em almost done.


Pork Steaks on the Grill

After giving it a thought or two, I knew one thing. I wanted these bites to be tender, and no better way to get these little pork steaks all loosey-goosey then to wrap them in a foil pouch with a couple glug glugs worth of beer, and  a little more of that Tiger Sauce.


Tiger Sauce on Pork Steaks

Satisfied that those pork steaks would enjoy their stay on the grill,  the rest of that  beer met my lips like a cool breeze on a hot, humid midwest afternoon. It was a welcome reward for all that hard pit jockeying I’ve done so far, wink wink. While pursuing another reward for gathering everything I’m going to need, like a cutting board, the bacon, and a few short skewers, I took those fall-of-the-bone pork steaks out of their wraps. Some of them were so happy that they jumped off the bone, ready to be wrapped in a glorious cloak of bacon.


Pork Steaks For Chopping

As you would likely expect,  the wrapping of the bacon will now commence, along with the carnival-inspired stick inserting to immediately follow. This is tedious work, and if there are no minions around to do your will, you’ll just have to do it yourself. Either way, know that the results will be worth it. About a third to a half of a slice of bacon wrapped these porky nuggets nicely. A favorite rub is sprinkled on, and then the packages of pork were laid over a foil lined grill to help catch the drippings, much to the disappointment of the family canines.


Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix on the Grill

While these little pork-on-pork appetizers rendered and browned over indirect heat, one couldn’t help but go full pit jockey mode, and as sure as there may have been another liquid reward offered on this perfect grilling day, I commenced to put the lid on the old trusty Weber, mill about the yard, checking on yard things. My to-do list was overflowing with things like gently sitting down in the lawn chair. kicking back and making myself comfortable, only to be disturbed by the dogs and their need for a good ol’ behind the ear scratching. All of that while this was happening…


Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix

These little beauties caramelized as hoped, and turned into what I envisioned. A crispy, bacon-y, tender bite of pork filled goodness, and as a bonus, you can count the sticks as you go to see how many you’ve eaten, because, well, they’re juuuuust a bit addictive.


Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix

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