Grillin' Steak, Enjoyin' The Day

Grillin’ Steak, Enjoyin’ The Day


There’s a particular feeling of satisfaction when a person can go outside early in the morning and feel comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. And that’s just how this morning started.


Everything smells new again, and we are on our way to the longer sunlight, more active days and evenings. And you know that means. The trusty old Weber will be working a little overtime, huffing, puffing and producing those great ribbons of wispy smoke and wood fired aroma.


Today would be a good example of that theory, as the whole day took on a sort of special, almost holiday like feel, complete with the need for an end-of-the-day quality meal. These 1 1/2 inch steaks weren’t going to grill themselves, which was fine with me, because I wanted to be the one to sear and grill these beauties on a cast iron grate over a bed of fiery hot coals. You know it!

Starting with said steaks, they were put into a zipper bag with a generous pour of one of our local steakhouse’s sauces, rubbed in good and left to rest in the fridge until called upon later in the day.


Steaks in Marinade

After a days worth of time in the marinade, our steaks were released for my grilling pleasure. One never tires of the sight, sound and aroma of a goodly piece of beef hitting a red hot cast iron grate, and the same was going on now.


Sizzlin’ like the fuse on one of those giant cartoon bombs, the smell of grilling steak filled my personal space faster than a new car salesman at the end of the month. (Oh c’mon, it’s a joke. Nothing personal to those new car salesmen out there, hehe)

I was taken away like that bubble-covered bather in those Calgon commercials, to a simpler place, with nary a care in the world. Pausing for a few minutes to flip the steaks over, I then got to enjoy the secondary version of the sounds and aroma. Not quite as strong, but still satisfying.


We are close now. Very close. A few more minutes to get the temps where we want them to be, and a few looooooooong minutes for the steaks to rest, and these mouthwatering steaks are ready.

Now I’m not saying that I need anything else but this steak to chew away on for a satisfying meal, but I suppose we can make it a bit more civilized by completing the dish with roasted butternut squash and a bit of homemade Country Mustard Peppercorn sauce, and a couple of slices of fresh, locally baked bread.


Because Life Is Better Wood Fired