Fajita Lime Stuffed Avocado Boats with Roasted Corn Pico De Gallo

Fajita Lime Stuffed Avocado Boats with Roasted Corn Pico De Gallo

SagoPalmI realize that there are some forms of life that will more than appreciate a couple of days of triple digit heat, high humidity, and constant sunshine that all but brings my hazy, heat rippled mirages to life. And if the truth be told, I don’t mind it once in awhile myself, but when the calendar says it’s supposed to be springtime, meaning mild weather and nature’s bounty coming to life around you, unexpected, oppressive heat can really test a person’s patience.

Patio1A quick glance at the temperature gauge of the empty, still unlit Weber alerts one that it may actually be possible to get a low and slow cook going while using no charcoal at all. Yep, it’s warm one.  A nice planned patio night can easily turn into a quiet, slow moving backyard. Dogs lying quiet, except for the tongues hanging out of their mouths like pink banners declaring their feelings about the situation as well. The birds, usually busy flying airport-like precision routes are now lined up, waiting for their turn in the birdbath. And this griller, of course has decided that it would be wiser to fire up the grill than light the oven and letting it fight it out with the inside A/C. It’s a valid and common sense argument in this grill jockey’s mind. And when it is a good and hot one, like today, a lighter meal is frequently recommended, and appreciated. So on this day, we are quick grilling a tasty meal of Grilled Avocado Boats stuffed with Fajita Lime Seasoned Beef and covered with Roasted Corn Pico de Gallo.

ShreddedBeefThe first order of business is the beef, a quickly seared round steak, given a good shakin’ of fajita dry rub seasoning. After a short shift on the grill, barely enough to receive a respectable grill mark, the beef is wrapped in foil along with celebratory shots of coconut tequila and sweet and sour mix, and a couple healthy dabs of butter.  Typically a tougher cut, this soaking was done in foil wrap to infuse all these flavors into the meat while making it pull apart tender. Opening that foil packet and smelling this tropical, beefy, margarita type mixture was eerily intriguing, and made the hot breezes a little more bearable. While the meat was left to marinate in it’s newly formed juices, the avocados were sliced, oiled, peppered, and ready  to get direct grilled over high heat. Once those avocados hit the grill, we were minutes away from having a great dinner on the lighter side while not having to heat the kitchen up. A pico de gallo was made from  previously roasted corn, giving it a nice hint of smoke while keeping it fresh and crispy.


The avocados received their mesquite smoked baptism, responding with just enough char to complement the freshness of the pico, and it all tied together with that lime and fajita based beef.


The result was a grilled avocado, stuffed with fajita beef and topped with a fresh, roasted corn pico de gallo, that at least for the few minutes it took to enjoy this meal, made us forget about that desert-like heat radiating right outside of our kitchen door.


Grilled avocado stuffed with fajita lime beef, roasted corn pico de gallo and fresh tomato.

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