Bacon, Breakfast Sausage & Egg Burger. #BreakfastOnTheGrill

Bacon, Breakfast Sausage & Egg Burger. #BreakfastOnTheGrill

I woke up, opened my eyes, and stared at the darkness.  It was early, on the brink of dawn, yet still dark, with nary a speck of light sneaking in behind the shades. Quiet too, except for a growling, gurgling noise that resembled one of those unintelligible sounds coming out of a random barn on a small farm. A deep, subdued growl, rolling into a grunting of sorts. My first thoughts took me back to my childhood, with thoughts of looking under the bed, but I quickly realized that the ornery sounding varmint was my own belly. I woke to a hungry hankering, and a strong one at that. And when a guy gets a hankering, it has to be dealt with. And this hankering was for a sizeable, tasty breakfast. Something hearty, meaty, and smokey. Definitely smokey. Something along the lines of Steven Raichlen’s Beer Can Breakfast Burgers. Yeah, that’s what my hankering was calling for, and nothing else would do. So here we go, let’s get after it and get to grilling a Bacon Wrapped, Breakfast Sausage and Egg Burger.

Dawn had begun to break, and it was a chilly one. One of those mornings when you open the door, look over at the dogs,  and they quickly turn their heads like the best pair of synchronized swimmers you ever saw, hoping they don’t get the call to go outside. And they didn’t, because I was on a mission. Throwing an old robe on like a wizard sweeping his cape behind him, I started an early morning hardwood fire, scenting the backyard with plumes of applewood smoke rivaling those of the Vatican when they pick a new Pope.

While that fire was settling a bit, I shaped a couple of mounds of pork sausage into giant snowball sized meatballs, about half a pound each.


Using the old beer can trick, I smashed down with the bottom of a beercan, forming big indentations in the pork, and shaped the meat around the bottom of the can. It’s a real good idea to grease the can up before you do this. Lay the formed patties out on a plate, and wrap a piece of good bacon around each, securing with a toothpick. Coincidence that a piece of bacon fits perfectly around these patties? I think not.


Off to trusty old Weber to start grilling these patties on the indirect heat side for about 15 – 20 minutes.


Once they’ve been smoking and build up an exterior crust, you’ll have to drain the swimming pool of fat that fills the burgers to make way for that egg drop. Put a pinch of cheese in the cup of meat and carefully crack an egg over it.


Keep grilling until the eggs set up, 10 – 15 minutes. During the last few minutes, you can grill up a couple of english muffins, buns, bread, tortillas, or whatever you want to eat with this.


Remove and enjoy the aroma of bacon, sausage and egg, all enveloped in smokey goodness. Top with a few stripes of Sriracha and serve with fresh orange quarters, to ease your guilt, and your meat sweats, if you’re so afflicted, hehe.


The first bite starts with the crunch of the crispy, smoked bacon, then leads to the familiar pork sausage flavor, and finishes with the silky feel of that runny egg, all mixed with the warm, chewy texture of a grilled English muffin.


Keep a napkin handy, because this is deliciously messy, intensely satisfying, and guaranteed to satisfy your grilled breakfast hankering.

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