Weeknight Quickie: Southwest Style Stuffed Peppers With Guacamole Salsa

Weeknight Quickie: Southwest Style Stuffed Peppers With Guacamole Salsa

When the sun decides to stay up longer, so do the people who enjoy the benefits of those extended hours. This time of year brings renewed energy and hopes of open windows, budding flowers, greener grass, and more productive gardens. Having a less than stellar garden seasonIMG_0043 last year, I thought it best to clean the garden beds and start over, including laying down some much needed nutrients for the soil. And that included the wondrous qualities that somehow are managed to be retrieved from the South end of Northbound cows, if you catch my drift, and judging by the wrinkle in your nose, I think you do. And speaking of catching drifts, the ones following the disbursement of such nutrients can be troublesome, should the spring winds not be in your favor. Luckily, we can counter that wafting poo smell with the much preferred aroma of swirling hickory smoke emanating from the North end of our grill. And that’s just what happened while grilling a handful of Stuffed Anaheim Peppers for this night’s supper.

The local farmers market was just the place to find the peppers, and three of them seemed to be the right amount. Quick work was made of cleaning them out, slicing and removing the seeds, leaving for a wonderful, hollow pepper for which to stuff with whatever your heart desires. Or whatever you have on hand, which was the case in this instance, a weeknight meal that needs to be quick.

Raiding the pantry resulted in a pirate’s booty of ingredients, all to be added to a bowl of browned ground beef. Indeed, the list of ingredients read like a genuine recipe, if one wouldn’t have known better, but let me assure you, a stuffing made of ingredients you find tasty will always work, no matter what you’re putting them in to. We added brown rice, rinsed black beans, chopped onions, a bit of mozzarella shreds, a splash of salsa verde, and a seasoning concoction consisting of the last bits of fajita and salsa/pico seasoning. One small warning in this type of behavior though. You see, cleaning out the pantry and not really measuring will unfortunately, almost guarantee that this specific recipe will never be replicated. Such are the dangers of winging it! The random participants were all stirred, mixed, heated through and deemed ready to be shoved into the pepper vessels for final grilling. Anticipation!


The peppers held court in a grilling tray, but they can just as easily be done directly on the grill with great results as well. The tray just makes them a little easier to handle, with no need for skewers to hold them together while rotating and moving them around for even grilling.


With the fire nice and hot, the peppers are nestled in over on the indirect side. Now it’s just a matter of closing the lid, adding some smoke, and warming through to get the peppers all roasted and fragrant. You’ll need about 30 minutes, with a tray rotation in between. Not nearly enough time for a backyard pit jockey to meander around and tend to backyard things while enjoying some backyard wood smokin’ time, but a short and goodly amount of time for a quick, weeknight dinner and cold beverage. A couple of extra avocados were grilled as well, only reason being that we like grilled avocados, and the two little smokies skewered in the photo are for the house canines and grilling companions. I must keep them satisfied, lest I live with constant and undeniable guilt. I defer to grilling these treats for them, since they now expect it once the grill lid is opened.


Now the peppers would be great eatin’ just like they are, southwest flavors wrapped in a roasted pepper shell, but that’s not much for picture takin’, so an artistic swizzle, drizzle, or splash of guacamole salsa was zigzagged across all of them, adding color, and more importantly, some much appreciated, sassy heat.


That’s all there was, but that’s all you need, so grab a cold beverage and ring the dinner bell, because just that quick, it’s time to eat!

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