Product Review: ORA Kitchen Towels

Product Review: ORA Kitchen Towels

Barbecue. Grilling. Smoking Meat. All can be messy propositions, for sure. But then, that’s the fun and beauty of it, now isn’t it? And when you can clean those messes up with a swipe of a towel, it becomes no big deal. So when companies like ORA Kitchen Towels suggest that they can make cleanup easier and more efficient, while being environmentally friendly, I listen. If you’re like me, you may not know about ORA Kitchen Towels, being manufactured in Britain, but they’re a common sense, strong, reusable, and environmentally friendly towel that is much more than your average paper towel. The obvious difference is the actual packaging. ORA Kitchen Towels arrive in a rocket ship looking, cone design, with a built in base, featuring easy to grab, individual towels stacked up on each other. Packaged this way, one of these stacks holds twice as many towels as in that roll you have on your kitchen counter or hanging under your cabinet.

And yes, they’re round when unfolded, which actually feels quite comfortable in the hand, almost glove-like. But I wanted to put these towels to the test for outdoor grilling, and not just as a clean up tool. Ease of use is always key, and it was effortless to grab one and quickly spread it out on the counter for meal prep. With chicken on the menu, one of my rituals is to rinse and pat dry the raw chicken out of the packaging, leaving the chicken in the fridge to air dry, allowing the skin to better crisp up on the grill. Using only one of these towels, I was able to quickly dry a dozen chicken wings by wrapping them in the towel, patting and squeezing them to remove excess moisture. The towel stayed together unlike some others that quickly shred or fall apart when they get wet.


Drying Raw Chicken With The ORA All Round Paper Towel

Another towel was quickly snatched off of the top of the stack and used for counter protection while smashing and mincing garlic.


Mincing Fresh Garlic On The ORA All Round Paper Towel

And the round towels were great for an easy and disposable surface to hold prepped appetizers before heading to the grill.


Bacon Wrapped Smokies And Bacon Wrapped, Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Prepped On The ORA All Round Paper Towel

It was just that easy. Just grab one, and since they’re not connected, theres no need to tear off or leave the roll spewing towels out behind you, or worse yet, have the roll actually coming off of the holder, traveling across the kitchen floor like as if it was trying to make a getaway. No worries though, because we have food to grill, and on a beautiful day to be outside, the hardwood was smoking and ready. With a mixture of appetizers and various meats, there would be full bellies and loosened belts on this night. Indeed, it was a grillers dream. While the ORA Kitchen Towels proved worthy of holding appetizers and small plate foods, like grilled hot dogs or grilled pizza…

The conical shape of that towel begs for more. By using it as a hand held cup, we could fill it with freshly grilled kale chips for snacking,


Grilled And Seasoned Kale Chips In The ORA All Round Towel

But what about something a little heartier, and hot off the grill. By whipping up a couple of crescent roll “cones”, the ORA Kitchen Towels become the perfect vessel to single-handedly cradle a stuffed barbecue sandwich to hold and snack on while wandering about, leaving your other hand free for an accompanying pit side beverage. Those delicious bread cones can be filled with whatever your heart desires, which in this case, is shredded chicken with homemade corn salsa,


Shredded Chicken With Corn Salsa Sandwich Wrapped In An ORA Paper Towel

And a gyro-like sandwich of grilled lamb topped with fresh made tzatziki.


Grilled Lamb Bread Cone Topped With Tzatziki, Wrapped In An ORA Paper Towel

The ORA Kitchen Towel is the perfect wrap to hold grilled or stuffed sandwiches, and when done, you’re already holding the napkin you’ll need to wipe all the barbecue and grilled goodness from your face, chin and hands. What more do you need?

Something to clean up afterwards, you say? These towels are strong enough to wipe down the grill, the patio table, and your dog’s salivating jowls at the end of your barbecue evening.

The ORA Kitchen Towels market themselves as “the all round towel”, but they are also “the all around towel”, able to be used whenever and wherever you need a cleanup or a wipe down. And they are easily available through their US site, ORA Kitchen Towels, or through in both single and three packs.

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