Product Review And Giveaway: The Zeust Power Bright Barbecue Grill Light

Product Review And Giveaway: The Zeust Power Bright Barbecue Grill Light

IMG_0147Towards the end of a day when the sun was already beginning to pack it in, giving way to the subtle, highlighting qualities of the rising moon, the Zeust Grill Light, compliments of The Zeust Power Bright Company, arrived at my door, packaged in a shiny, sleek, easy-open box that simultaneously boasted of its brightness and ease of use. I studied the box, when an additional light went on in my head: I could go for something wood fired tonight! So I decided to put the Zeust Grill Light to work immediately.  Follow along, and I’ll tell you how it went, as well as how you can get one of these for yourself just by entering an easy, free giveaway.



When opened, the first noticeable thing, at least to me, is the lack of that annoying parts bags filled with washers, nuts and screws, accompanied by an incomprehensible instruction booklet, complete with rustic sketches of what goes where.



No, the light was, thankfully, fully assembled. The only thing I had to do was to install the three AAA batteries, which are included. Heck, they even give you the screwdriver to do it. You don’t even have to go find your toolbox and dig around for the proper screwdriver. They practically hand it to you themselves. Nice touch! Also included is a protective bag which neatly slides over the head of the light for added protection and storage.There’s also a “Thank You” note combined with a friendly reminder that Zeust donates a portion of their proceeds to Habitat for Humanity, a worthy way to run a business. And if that’s not enough, Zeust threw in a handy book featuring 101 Grilling Tips From The Pros.



I’ll admit that I’ve never been excited about grill lights, because frankly, they always appeared awkward and more of a pain in the rear end to use than was I was willing to invest. The Zeust Grill Light was making me a fan though, and claims to be for all gas, electric, and charcoal grills. With it being all ready to go right out of the box, including a 360 degree turning arm, I felt like this one may actually work how I needed it to work. The easy screw and clamp adjustment fit nicely and securely on the handle of my Weber Grill, something that I’ve had trouble with in the past.



And with the slick pivoting arm, I don’t have to take the Zeust Grill Light off every time I want to do a little closed lid grilling. I can just rotate it up and move the light it of the way when needed. That’s just common sense now isn’t it?

So with the daylight receding, the grill, along with the accompanying Zeust Grill Light, would be put to use tonight. Daylight was leaving as we speak, and the rumbling in my belly signified it was almost time to eat.



The first thing I noticed when using the light was the brightness of the LED bulbs, 10 of them as a matter of fact. That’s more than a lot of LED spotlights for your landscape, and you’re not even planning to eat that.


A full range of light over the grill, with no shadowy areas that were an eye strain to look at, or caused dark, unusable areas of the grill. The grill, and surrounding area were lit nicely, and the light was never in the way of using the grill itself.


And with that full range of motion, the Zeust Grill Light can transform into a work and/or counter light simply by flipping it  over, should I want to put a table or counter type accessory next to the grill. What a help that would be in low light or dark situations! Anyone else thinking that this would be excellent in a park or camping situation while grilling?



Operation is a breeze, with the on/off button right on top, within easy reach. What’s not there are tricky, sticky, or awkward switches or buttons to mash or move. This switch is operated on touch: Fingers, knuckle, back of hand, nose, hey, they all work. And yes I tried them all. This is an extremely handy option when my hands are full of food, plates, tongs, sauce bowls, etc. You get the idea.



So on with the grilling, which happened to be homemade pizza tonight. A burnt crust would be unacceptable, so would I have enough light from the Zeust Grill Light  to grill this pizza in the dark with no “mistakes”? We were about to find out. The pizza tray was preheated on the grill, so as to give the sticky crust a quick blast of heat and prepare it for the toppings. Once loaded, it was onto the grill.


As you can see, the Zeust Grill Light had plenty of power to light up the grill, almost to the daylight.



The Zeust Company says that the light will provide up to 18 hours of light on a single set of batteries, and that’s a lot of night-time grilling.

So what do you think? The Zeust Grill Light did everything it said it would in an extremely easy fashion, and exceeded this griller’s expectations. So much that I’m looking forward to grilling in the dark more than I usually do, just to use the Zeust Grill Light. 

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Because Life Is Better Wood Fired (And well lit, too)