Pizza Cones, Bacon Weaves, and Whaddya Know, Geometry Finally Matters

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.40.54 AMIt took decades, but I finally got to put that old geometry class to use, sort of. You know, the old “How much volume does that cone have?” sort of thing. It was an important question too, as I had to figure out the amount of pizza toppings that will fit inside of a cone if, let’s say, the cone is made of pizza dough. Intriguing, right?

Spoiler alert: Enough to be both satisfying and delicious.

Admittedly, it was because of a gadget sale that this little pizza cone kit thingy showed up at our home. Frankly, anything involving pizza has my attention, and this was no different. It included a couple of cone shapes with matching springy stands and a dough cutter.

PizzaConeAnd so the thoughts started flashing through my brain like lightning strikes. But we had to have a cone to fill first, so we got started.

If you wanted to make your own pizza dough, I’m all for that, and normally would myself, but doing this on a weeknight approaching the time change (don’t get me started on that), made it more reasonable to use store bought dough, and that’s exactly what happened. It was easy enough to roll out and cut out the rounded bell shapes of dough needed to wrap around the cone mold.

www.inkandembers.comOnce wrapped and secured, the dough molds are placed on the grill at about 400 degrees, soaking up the applewood smoke for wood a wood-fired flavor. Rotated once, these little projectiles baked for only about 6 minutes, just enough so that they are set in their shape, but not yet fully baked.

www.inkandembers.comRemoved from the cone shape and slid right into that aforementioned springy thing, they can be stuffed full of whatever you’re in the mood for. Craving variety, I had 1 1/4 cups mixture for each cone made. One was a standard pepperoni, mozzarella and pizza sauce mixture, not too runny so as to hold up in the dough cone. The other was a BBQ chicken stuffing, using bbq sauce, two grilled chicken tenders, a generous amount of red onion slices, diced jalapeños and shredded mozzarella.

www.inkandembers.comwww.inkandembers.comThe cones were stuffed. Actually overstuffed, to account for the cooking down and settling of the ingredients, which by the way, is nowhere to be found in the geometry formula anywhere.

www.inkandembers.comBack on the grill, occasionally rotating them for about another 8 minutes, and you end up with these little cone pizza beauties, ready to slide out of that springy thing and into your lovingly cupped hand.

www.inkandembers.comBut wait, there’s more!

Round 2 was just getting started, because who doesn’t love a great mushroom tart, right? The mixture for pizza cone number three consisted of sautéed mushrooms, dry sherry, herb de province and some great tasting local goat cheese.

www.inkandembers.comAll the same steps and techniques.

www.inkandembers.comBut…I know there may be some of you, at least one, that’s sitting there saying “Meh, ok, so what? Can you make a cone out of anything else, because you know, that whole gluten thing?”

Well step right up you troublemaker, and listen to the sounds of a bacon weave being cooked down on the grill with that same applewood smoke. You don’t want a pizza dough cone? How about a cone made of bacon?

www.inkandembers.comIt was pulled just before being done and tied around the cone shape to finish.

www.inkandembers.comHappy now? What if we make this a fistful of breakfast cone, complete with hash browns and scrambled eggs with chives? Would you be happy then?

www.inkandembers.comYeah, I thought so.


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