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Product Review: ORCA Coolers And Chasertini

“There ain’t nothin’ shakin’ but the leaves on the trees, And they wouldn’t shake if it wasn’t for the breeze”    George Jones “Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin” And we were grateful for that little breeze on this day. Because let me tell ya, it’s a hot one, complete with the humidity that likes to call our […]

Product Review And Giveaway: The Zeust Power Bright Barbecue Grill Light

Towards the end of a day when the sun was already beginning to pack it in, giving way to the subtle, highlighting qualities of the rising moon, the Zeust Grill Light, compliments of The Zeust Power Bright Company, arrived at my door, packaged in a shiny, sleek, easy-open box that simultaneously boasted of its brightness […]

Product Review: ORA Kitchen Towels

Barbecue. Grilling. Smoking Meat. All can be messy propositions, for sure. But then, that’s the fun and beauty of it, now isn’t it? And when you can clean those messes up with a swipe of a towel, it becomes no big deal. So when companies like ORA Kitchen Towels suggest that they can make cleanup easier and […]

Grilling Is Hot, And Additional, Permanent Grills Are Needed To Keep Up With The Trend

How important is it for a facility to provide permanent grills for public use? Just ask the experts. “It’s part of the American identity to have a grill,” says IBISWorld, a global intelligence business leader specializing in Industry Market Research. With 75% of Americans having a grill at their disposal, and almost half of those […]

Grillin’ On the Go.

Sometimes, well, you just have to get out. Call it spring fever, or more appropriately cabin fever.  No big plans, but just goin’ with the gut feeling and getting out. So off I was, headin’ down the road, just enjoying the scenery when it happened. That familiar aroma. Like the sweet siren’s song of Greek mythology, […]

On The Wings Of Time, A Story of Hope

My time was no longer my own. The minutes were seemingly always pledged to another, that being my “work”. These minutes rolled into the passing hours, many of them considered extra hours. Those hours, left to their own accord, piled into days, which transformed into weeks, and well, you know the rest. Before I knew it, a page was angrily being torn from the wall calendar, signifying that age-old adage about “time flying”. But there was no “having fun” attached to this block of time. And it wore on me.

Grilled Bat Wings, Scream Beans, Dancing Spirits Peppers: Black Market Barbecue

“Ahem.” I cringed and tensed up all at the same time. It was like an ice cube being rubbed down my spine. No one could forget that voice from the shadows. So I knew instantly who it was, getting my attention from directly behind me. “The Butcher.” “Atchyer soivice, grillerboy, ha ha.  So nice of ya ta remember […]

Smoked Sasquatch: Black Market Barbecue

“Pssst. Hey you.” The voice from the shadows of the garage was shadowy and intimidating. It was a sketchy figure, in a dark bulky overcoat. I couldn’t see his face because of the shadow cast from his fedora. “Who. Me?”, I asked, turning a finger towards my chest. “Do you see anybody else? Com’ere”, he said, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

As Ink And Embers celebrates a one year anniversary, I just want to take a moment today and say thanks to everyone who has spent a moment reading, commenting and sharing these posts. If you’ve taken a little time out of your busy schedule to click, share, wink, blink or nod my way, I simply […]

Wait. What? My Daughter Got Married?

It didn’t really hit me until the drive to the wedding venue, The Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park. I mean, yeah, we had an excellent photography team, Vaeth Photography, following our every move in the morning. In our house, out the back door, in the backyard, just about everywhere. But it was no […]