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Peanut Butter And Jelly Wings With Cherrywood Smoke: A Twisted Bit Of Comfort

Remember back to your toddler days, when you would proudly sit up in your high chair, point to a completely random spot among the kitchen cabinets, pantry, ceiling or wall and exclaim “mmm”, which obviously translated to “Make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”. And after you got your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut up […]

BBQ Goodness, Family Get Togethers, and a T-Rex After Party

It was in the tradition of an old school “Sunday Supper” at Grandma’s house, complete with too much food, stories of the past, and plans and dreams for the future. When our family, that is currently spread out literally from coast to coast, was able to meet in the middle and sit down for a […]

Fajita Lime Stuffed Avocado Boats with Roasted Corn Pico De Gallo

The avocados received their mesquite smoked baptism, responding with just enough char to complement the freshness of the pico, and it all tied together with that lime and fajita based beef.

Sampler Sundays. Ribs, Chicken and Black Bean Burgers.

Twas a generous sunrise. One of those early morns that alerts your senses to the fact that it’s going to be a glorious day. Glorious indeed, for a pit jockey to think about smoking and grilling a good sampling of tasty bites. And folks, that’s exactly what happened. I sparked that smoker up like a boy […]

Happy Shrimp, Because You’re Never Too Old To Play With Your Food

I like to sit and think. Some call it lollygagging, some may call it meandering. But I find that an integral part of any grilling or smoking adventure must revolve around the simple art of sitting around, relaxing, and doing some thinking. It’s a sort of meditation, what with the wisps of smoke and the glow […]

On The Wings Of Time, A Story of Hope

My time was no longer my own. The minutes were seemingly always pledged to another, that being my “work”. These minutes rolled into the passing hours, many of them considered extra hours. Those hours, left to their own accord, piled into days, which transformed into weeks, and well, you know the rest. Before I knew it, a page was angrily being torn from the wall calendar, signifying that age-old adage about “time flying”. But there was no “having fun” attached to this block of time. And it wore on me.

Flank Steak Bruschetta : Trivia Night Treats

There’s a whole lotta shoulder shruggin’ goin’ on! Indeed, while preparing for a night of trivia mayhem, the expectations were admittedly starting off low. You see, I have found, by experience mind you, that the information that I choose to keep bottled up in my noggin is generally not the information that trivia night successes are made […]

“Village Hammers”: A Serbian Inspired Appetizer of Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Stuffed Prunes

Are you “pooped” on the poppers? Weary of more wings? Are you looking for a new, “go-to” appetizer that’s as quick to prep and grill as it is delicious to eat? Then you gotta try these delicious Serbian-inspired, grilled beauties, affectionately called  “Village Hammers”. (Seoski Cekic) I was looking for a different appetizer for the grill, something other […]