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Easy Eatin’ With Stick Food

As days go, it was rather unremarkable. Kind of hot, with a load of humidity added in. Not particularly my favorite, but  after the harsh winter that most of us have just experienced, I know when to keep some of my opinions to myself. The clouds looked full, almost heavy, if indeed a cloud can ever […]

What’s Old Is, Well….Still Old, But Improved. (Throwback Thursday) #tbt

It was one of those evenings. Just an easy-going, relaxing, just hanging out kinda night. The coals in the old trusty Weber were smoldering, getting ready for something yet to be determined. It felt like a nibbling kinda night, you know? Maybe an appetizer or two. Just something quick and easy. I remembered a gadget that […]

Fall Camping, Full Moon Style

There’s nothing as refreshing to a person’s soul as a good, crisp , fall camping trip. Just the drive getting you to your destination can be a relaxing and invigorating adventure. And camping in a State Park, in this case Montauk State Park, Salem Missouri, can be an experience back to “Small Town America”, a […]