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Bacon Wrapped Pork Steak Stix

It was one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away. Stuck like a peanut butter nugget on the roof of a puppy’s mouth. “What if?” I asked myself. I get different and sometimes unusual ideas on a regular basis, and somewhere between those ideas that I wouldn’t dare say out loud, and those that […]

Glazed Boneless Pork Rib End

I opened the refrigerator and stared aimlessly into the light. It may actually have turned into a Poltergeist-like situation had I not been distracted by the big hunk of pork staring back at me. A large, dense boneless rib end, just waiting to be pampered, rubbed, sauced and smoked. An that’s just what I planned […]

Brat-toberfest. Apple And Onion Braised Bratwurst.

The warm, humid air has recently been replaced by the refreshing, slightly edgy breezes that signal the coming of shorter days and predictable pumpkin sightings around town. There are other signals as well, including the summer grasses giving themselves up for the sake of insulating the local birds nests, And the bees working harder and longer on their […]

Bringin’ The Heat: Ajvar Marinated Pork Tenderloin

As grillers will do, I was sitting, thinking, pondering, and generally daydreaming about meat. Namely, a piece of pork, and more specifically, a pork tenderloin. It was to be this day’s project, and hopefully, this day’s great dinner. The only unknown was the direction in which this tenderloin was going to be taken. I thought […]

Angry Bird On The Grill (Whole Smoked Buffalo Chicken)

The process had begun. After several days filled with frustration and aggravation, I knew that I had to get out and get that grill going, no matter the weather. And as any frequent griller can attest to, the act of grilling is paramount to therapy. Those wispy, thin ribbons of blue smoke are always relaxing and even […]

Chicken Skewers With Stuffed Jalapeño And Dancing Spirit Peppers

And so it was. The day was just perfect. Mid 80’s, with a high sky and low humidity. It was a day built to be outside. The initial errand running  combined with necessary yard work easily gave way to a late afternoon beverage, in this case, a lemonade beer. A Leinenkugel Summer Shandy to be […]

“Village Hammers”: A Serbian Inspired Appetizer of Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Stuffed Prunes

Are you “pooped” on the poppers? Weary of more wings? Are you looking for a new, “go-to” appetizer that’s as quick to prep and grill as it is delicious to eat? Then you gotta try these delicious Serbian-inspired, grilled beauties, affectionately called  “Village Hammers”. (Seoski Cekic) I was looking for a different appetizer for the grill, something other […]

Coffee And Cocoa Rubbed TriTip

Up until a few years ago, the TriTip cut of meat, the bottom cut of the sirloin, wasnt readily available in the midwest. It’s generally been a West Coast cut, Santa Maria, California, more specifically, and if you lived on the east coast, you were at the mercy of mail order to get it. But […]