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Peanut Butter And Jelly Wings With Cherrywood Smoke: A Twisted Bit Of Comfort

Remember back to your toddler days, when you would proudly sit up in your high chair, point to a completely random spot among the kitchen cabinets, pantry, ceiling or wall and exclaim “mmm”, which obviously translated to “Make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”. And after you got your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut up […]

BBQ Goodness, Family Get Togethers, and a T-Rex After Party

It was in the tradition of an old school “Sunday Supper” at Grandma’s house, complete with too much food, stories of the past, and plans and dreams for the future. When our family, that is currently spread out literally from coast to coast, was able to meet in the middle and sit down for a […]

Sundae Ribs, When Sweet Meets Heat.

The meat-on-grill smells were free and plentiful this day. The mixture of apple and cherrywood provides an ever-changing smoke shape billowing from this backyard, wood eating beast like America’s first steam engine chugging down the rail to the next scheduled destination. That destination would do well to include ribs, my friend, and they will be a might […]

Thoughts Become Things, And I’m Thinking About Ribs…

I suppose if a person had their druthers, everyday would be like this one. The sun smiling down on the spring garden, the sound of water following its gravity fed life down the walls of the fountain, and a slight breeze, just enough for the grape leaves to offer a gentle morning wave as I walked […]

Cherry Jalapeño Baby Back Ribs

The clouds can sometimes tell quite a story. On this day, they most certainly did. Change was in the air. The trees had started to give up their foliage. The leaves were falling to the ground almost in unison, as if they knew that it was time to let go, knowing that they served their purpose […]

Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin “You’re Rock Candy Baby. Hot, Sweet, and Sticky”

Sometimes, a person just needs a place to park their “sitter-onner” and see the beauty that is nature. Should that place be situated next to a barbecue pit, well, all the better. And if, in that wonderment of nature and all it has to offer, one should catch a fleeting, yet distinctive and brain etching […]