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BBQ Goodness, Family Get Togethers, and a T-Rex After Party

It was in the tradition of an old school “Sunday Supper” at Grandma’s house, complete with too much food, stories of the past, and plans and dreams for the future. When our family, that is currently spread out literally from coast to coast, was able to meet in the middle and sit down for a […]

Grilled Flatbreads: Satisfying The Craving.

According to the Good Book, “Man cannot live by bread alone”. ButĀ all this man wanted, at this particular time, on this particular day, was bread. Just bread, man. Bread alone. Fresh baked, all yeasty smelling. Crusty, chewy bread. The kind of bread that teases you into anticipation, thenĀ puts up a resistance to your bite, only […]

Gettin’ Some Smoke On The Choke, The Artichoke That Is

I’m always looking for something new to throw on the grill, and on this day, I was reminded of an artichoke that I tucked away in the fridge several days ago. I approached it in the same manner that many other grillers do. I first took a pair of scissors and cut the top of […]

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Grilling doesn’t always have to be a “main dish” event. We had already decided on something else for dinner, but when Mother Nature provides a mid seventies, low humidity, full sun kind of day, I start thinking that the grill should, by all rights, be smokin’. There should be a wood aroma and thin willowy […]