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Chargrilled Oysters With Grilled Trout And Baked Crawfish Bread. Aiyeee!

The normal, mesmerizing flow of the rolling stream was shattered by the trout duo, simultaneously busting through the surface while taking our lines. When two of these beauties are netted at the same time, it guarantees a delicious grilled or smoked trout dinner sometime in the near future. A few weeks later, about 770 miles away, fresh oysters were being packed […]

Smoked Trout Chowder, Nature’s Bounty

We could hear it before we were actually there. The cool, crystal clear, rolling stream of Montauk State Park, making its way through and around fallen trees and rock structures, circling around in pools that reflect the beautiful surrounding landscape. The stream was loud, and seemingly, calling to us. Anticipation grew as we heeded the call, walking the path […]

A Christmas Seafood Feast

Even on the biggest of holidays, the grill will beckon. And when the temperature breaks and the warmth of the sun provides temporary winter relief, well, that my friends, is nothing short of full-scale permission. Permission to light the coals and grill something tasty to add to the already mouth-watering holiday menu. A trout that […]

Trout On The Grill, From Stream To Table

A day out in the woods along a beautifully scenic trout stream is always a cure for so many daily troubles. The peacefulness of nature, interrupted only by the rushing of water over rocks or downed trees is an immediate mind flush of the day’s stresses. Should you be one of the lucky ones to feel […]