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Wokin’ the Wok: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

In the world of low and slow barbecue, today would be an opposite sort of day. No pit side lounging, no sipping of a refreshing beverage whilst daydreaming next to a backdrop of swirling, ribbons of smoke. In other words, no lallygagging would be done today. Because while cooking a stir fry over a  hardwood fire, […]

Pecan Smoked Jerk Pork with Grill Roasted Beets

Water droplets hung like lingering teardrops from a bad relationship. It was, of course, the rains. Day after day, sometimes heavy, sometimes like today. Just a swirling mist that mimics an ocean spray. Not biblical proportions mind you, but enough that area residents have started counting the days. Enough also, that an habitual griller can’t simply […]

Irish Lamb Stew With Guinness

The once cold breezes and morning fog are no longer a match for the new season’s sun. And once that sun gets a foothold, the air warms rapidly, signifying winter’s retreat. The time of year suggests change in our grilling habits as well. We are grilling with a purpose, and today is no different. On this day, […]

A Tale About Kale

It was to be a day of confusion, of opposites if you will. Although the beautiful, mild day demanded that the grill be smoking like the wispy, ribbonlike streams of a newfound genie lamp, the backyard environs would not offer the familiar aroma of pork, beef, chicken, or combination thereof. No, today we are satisfying that part […]

Bringin’ The Heat: Ajvar Marinated Pork Tenderloin

As grillers will do, I was sitting, thinking, pondering, and generally daydreaming about meat. Namely, a piece of pork, and more specifically, a pork tenderloin. It was to be this day’s project, and hopefully, this day’s great dinner. The only unknown was the direction in which this tenderloin was going to be taken. I thought […]

(Below) Zero to Sixty (Degrees), Race To The Grill.

Zero to sixty has always been a popular measuring tool for auto enthusiasts. I don’t think, however, that anyone ever considered using it to measure temperature variances. Yet that’s exactly what we are doing here in St Louis. What started with a weekend that would not break the positive side of the zero degree mark, […]

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Grilling doesn’t always have to be a “main dish” event. We had already decided on something else for dinner, but when Mother Nature provides a mid seventies, low humidity, full sun kind of day, I start thinking that the grill should, by all rights, be smokin’. There should be a wood aroma and thin willowy […]