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Sweet Tea Brined Chicken With Lemon And Herbs

One glance at the window let me know what I was up against. The morning dew was thick, and heavy against the window, as if it wanted to come in, trying to escape the high heat and humidity that was already in place. It immediately brought to mind one of those sultry, southern days, complete with […]

Triple Lemon Chicken Thighs with Artichoke Hearts

It was, as the Boys of Summer would call it, a “high sky“. The kind of day that lends itself to having the grill huffing and puffing, doing its thing. And it shall. The thought for the day is lemon and chicken, as natural of a pairing as there is when it comes to burning […]

Bourbon Brined Chicken Breasts

The smoke curled upwards to the heavens. It was as if the grill wanted to announce that something good was about to go down. And it was. The two plump, chicken breasts that I held in my hands had a date with a hardwood fire. Poultry on the grill has always been a grand combination, […]

Trout On The Grill, From Stream To Table

A day out in the woods along a beautifully scenic trout stream is always a cure for so many daily troubles. The peacefulness of nature, interrupted only by the rushing of water over rocks or downed trees is an immediate mind flush of the day’s stresses. Should you be one of the lucky ones to feel […]

Chicken Skewers With Stuffed Jalapeño And Dancing Spirit Peppers

And so it was. The day was just perfect. Mid 80’s, with a high sky and low humidity. It was a day built to be outside. The initial errand running  combined with necessary yard work easily gave way to a late afternoon beverage, in this case, a lemonade beer. A Leinenkugel Summer Shandy to be […]

Gettin’ Some Smoke On The Choke, The Artichoke That Is

I’m always looking for something new to throw on the grill, and on this day, I was reminded of an artichoke that I tucked away in the fridge several days ago. I approached it in the same manner that many other grillers do. I first took a pair of scissors and cut the top of […]