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Brat-toberfest. Apple And Onion Braised Bratwurst.

The warm, humid air has recently been replaced by the refreshing, slightly edgy breezes that signal the coming of shorter days and predictable pumpkin sightings around town. There are other signals as well, including the summer grasses giving themselves up for the sake of insulating the local birds nests, And the bees working harder and longer on their […]

Adventures In Brisket

They’re everywhere, and range from the best to the worst. I’m talking about all of the stories concerning brisket on the grill, one of the most talked about, most dissected, and most polarizing of all the meats. Everyone has “their” way of grilling it. Low and slow, high heat and quick, a combination of the […]

Lamb Sliders and Cevapcicis (Serbian Sausages)

Special occasions come and go, but almost always involve food of some sort. It doesn’t, however, always have to be a dinner. Families can get together for a great lunch as well. On this particular occasion, we planned our lunch around some ground lamb and Serbian sausages called Cevapcicis, or just Cevaps, and sometimes Cicis. […]