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Peanut Butter And Jelly Wings With Cherrywood Smoke: A Twisted Bit Of Comfort

Remember back to your toddler days, when you would proudly sit up in your high chair, point to a completely random spot among the kitchen cabinets, pantry, ceiling or wall and exclaim “mmm”, which obviously translated to “Make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”. And after you got your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut up […]

Smoked Sasquatch: Black Market Barbecue

“Pssst. Hey you.” The voice from the shadows of the garage was shadowy and intimidating. It was a sketchy figure, in a dark bulky overcoat. I couldn’t see his face because of the shadow cast from his fedora. “Who. Me?”, I asked, turning a finger towards my chest. “Do you see anybody else? Com’ere”, he said, […]

Grilled Apple Sausage Stuffing Bites

Ah, the holidays. When families get together and bring the same food, year, after year, after year.  These seasonal meals lean heavy on tradition, which in itself, is great.  Many of the dishes that appear yearly are, in fact, made using recipes handed down by parents and grandparents. But you can incorporate new things into […]

Memories Of The S.S. Admiral

  It was absolutely the coolest job for a teen to have at the time. As a crew member of the S.S.Admiral, you were being paid to be in attendance at the biggest weekend party in the area. Oh sure, the work was hard; having to get all the supplies from the delivery trucks on […]

Gerald L Dlubala

A Writer That Grills, A Griller That Writes

From the time that fire was invented, it has become the focus of the community around it. Fire was the focal point of gatherings and get-togethers, creating a sense of unity and bonding for the individuals and surrounding community. Through the invention of our modern fire controlling devices, such as chimineas, grills, portable fire pits, […]