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Smokehouse Style Chicken Wings: The Holy Grail of Wings

Call me crazy, bu…”Hey, that’s a little quick over there buddy. It’s an expression, that’s all, just an expression. It wasn’t a request, you know“. It’s just that, unlike most people, I find, whilst thinking of the perfect chicken wing, it is indeed smoked rather than fried. Yep, that’s right, I prefer smoked chicken wings […]

BBQ Goodness, Family Get Togethers, and a T-Rex After Party

It was in the tradition of an old school “Sunday Supper” at Grandma’s house, complete with too much food, stories of the past, and plans and dreams for the future. When our family, that is currently spread out literally from coast to coast, was able to meet in the middle and sit down for a […]

Sweet Tea Brined Chicken With Lemon And Herbs

One glance at the window let me know what I was up against. The morning dew was thick, and heavy against the window, as if it wanted to come in, trying to escape the high heat and humidity that was already in place. It immediately brought to mind one of those sultry, southern days, complete with […]

Paella On The Grill, Sangria In The Glass

I woke up to the sounds of Flamenco music, complete with the strumming of acoustic guitars, the snapping of fingers in the air,  and the clatter of stomping heels on the hardwood floor. How they got in my bedroom I’ll never know, but what I did know was that was a sign. A sign that today would […]

The January Thaw And A Naked Bird

It must’ve been around 12:30 pm. Maybe 12:31 or 12:32, at the latest. But it happened, nonetheless. I’m talking about the change in the weather. Or the weather break, I should say. That little bite in the breeze was no longer there, and that in itself was noticeable. A few minutes later the sun started to […]

“The Noble Bird, For Tonight, We Eat Like Kings”

Once thy sun rises like a great phoenix in the eastern sky, thoughts partition themselves to that of an evening feast, fit for a king. And nothing says feast as that of a Noble Bird,  spread out on a platter for the devouring of all inclined. But first, we must pillage the shelves for the finest bird, weighing […]

Triple Lemon Chicken Thighs with Artichoke Hearts

It was, as the Boys of Summer would call it, a “high sky“. The kind of day that lends itself to having the grill huffing and puffing, doing its thing. And it shall. The thought for the day is lemon and chicken, as natural of a pairing as there is when it comes to burning […]

Smokey Paprika Chicken Thighs Over Potatoes And Onions

The smoke is rolling today. And the applewood will be kind to our chicken. Mind you, it always is. Today, I’m adapting this recipe, developed by Alton Brown,  to our favorite way to cook, that being pit-side in the peaceful outdoors. Alton calls this Smoked Paprika Chicken Thighs with Potato and Onion, and if you follow that link, you’ll get […]

Angry Bird On The Grill (Whole Smoked Buffalo Chicken)

The process had begun. After several days filled with frustration and aggravation, I knew that I had to get out and get that grill going, no matter the weather. And as any frequent griller can attest to, the act of grilling is paramount to therapy. Those wispy, thin ribbons of blue smoke are always relaxing and even […]

Bourbon Brined Chicken Breasts

The smoke curled upwards to the heavens. It was as if the grill wanted to announce that something good was about to go down. And it was. The two plump, chicken breasts that I held in my hands had a date with a hardwood fire. Poultry on the grill has always been a grand combination, […]