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When The Meat Man (Or Woman) Cometh, Bearing Tomahawk Steaks

First there was puzzlement. Then I think I had a little twitch, followed by a nervous laugh. As the delivery driver walked towards our house with the box, it became apparent that the box sported a cow’s head on it, with an accompanying perishable logo on the side. By then, a full smile was on […]

Fajita Lime Stuffed Avocado Boats with Roasted Corn Pico De Gallo

The avocados received their mesquite smoked baptism, responding with just enough char to complement the freshness of the pico, and it all tied together with that lime and fajita based beef.

Grillin’ Steak, Enjoyin’ The Day

  There’s a particular feeling of satisfaction when a person can go outside early in the morning and feel comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. And that’s just how this morning started. Everything smells new again, and we are on our way to the longer sunlight, more active days and evenings. And you know that means. […]

Surf And Turf, Salt Block Style

Sometimes indecisiveness is a good thing. And in fact, today it would be a really good thing. You see, I had a taste for a goodly portion of grilled beef, but yet, in the back of my mind, the part that is given credit, or blamed if you prefer, for the ideas that I get, there was a […]

Flank Steak Bruschetta : Trivia Night Treats

There’s a whole lotta shoulder shruggin’ goin’ on! Indeed, while preparing for a night of trivia mayhem, the expectations were admittedly starting off low. You see, I have found, by experience mind you, that the information that I choose to keep bottled up in my noggin is generally not the information that trivia night successes are made […]

Bloody Mary Flank Steak On The Grill

I’ve always liked the taste of a good Bloody Mary, and hey, it gives you the permission to have a nice drink before noon on occasion. It usually goes something like this: “Hey, are you drinking already?’ “Yeah, but it’s okay, it’s a Bloody Mary…..” “Oh, ok, maybe I’ll have one too…..!” But the flavors […]

Keep the Cookies For Yourself, Santa’s Getting a Steak This Year

Year after year, house after house, Santa picks up the cookie, sniffs on it, looks at it, and routinely lifts it to his bearded mouth for a nibble. Santa’s bored, folks. Cookie after cookie, sip of milk after sip of milk. Cookies were fine way back when. There were less stops, and he could eat […]